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Belly Dancers

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Tampa Bay, Florida


Madrin’ha is an award winning Middle Eastern Dancer whose instruction is sought after throughout Florida. She shares her knowledge of primarily Egyptian and Folkloric style Middle Eastern Dance. She has devoted over the last 13 years of her life to her dance education, performing and teaching an art form that she loves and learning the history and culture behind this wonderous dance. Madrin’ha is dedicated in preserving the art of Middle Eastern Dance and its culture and is a workshop instructor traveling the United States and other countries sharing her knowledge andlove of the dance

Belly Dancer Madrinha


St. Petersburg, Florida

Hip Expressions is a movement, a community, a collaboration – dancers, musicians, artists, yogis, students, professionals, and supporters… all united around a commitment to community, professionalism, and art.  Visit



Tampa, Florida

Sevdiah has been dancing in the Tampa Bay area since 1994, during this time she has continued her studies here and abroad in the discipline of Raqs Sharki. This desire to always excel in her craft has earned her respect and placed her in high demand for performances and instruction. Born and raised in NYC by parents and family of Albania

Bellydancer Florida

n & Turkish descent, she strives to keep this art alive.