Belly Dancing Costume

Belly Dancing Costume

Dance with the hottest Belly Dancing Costumes in the world with Belly Scarf.  Choose from Beginner Training Belly Dancer Dresses to Professional 7 Piece Belly Dancer Costumes, Accessories and more. 

Belly Dancing Costumes

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Sequin Scarves
Belly Dancing Hip Scarf are sexy accessories which can be used for anything – Belly Dancing, Zumba, Casual wear with Jeans, Skirts, or anything your creative mind can think of.Jinglies create beautiful sounds as you dance with 160 Coins embroidered in 3 layers of lightweight Chiffon Fabric.   Size: Each Hip Scarf is 5 Feet long so you can tie the rest around your waist.

Colors: We have over 32 different colors to choose from.    Coins: Choose from Silver or Gold Coins.

Let’s Dance.