FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the Shipping Rates?
A.   Please visit http://site.bellyscarf.com/Shipping.htmlQ.  When do you Ship the Merchandise from the time I place my order?
A.   We usually ship within 24 hours, the only exception is if we do not have the merchandise in stock, in which case a Phone Call or Email will be sent to you asking for substitution or refund.  Either case you will be notified within 24 hours with either a Tracking Number that the order has been shipped or asking questions on the merchandise.  Thank You.Q.  When will I receive my order?
A.   We Ship within 24 hours and if you have selected the “Recommended 3 day” shipping, you should receive it within 4-5 business day from the time you place your order.

Q.  Do I get a Tracking Number with Delivery Confirmation?
A.  Yes, you will receive 2 Emails. 1) The Invoice when you place the order 2) Your Order has been Shipped and included will be your Tracking Number.

Q.  How do I Track my Delivery Confirmation and with which website?
A.   You can go to www.USPS.com and click, “Track and Confirm”  Then enter your Tracking number provided on your invoice and find your Status.

Q.  Which number do I call if I have any questions on Sales or Customer Service?
A.   The best number is Toll Free: (800) 743-1860

Q.  What is the Best email address to send Suggestions, Comments or any other Questions?
A.   You can email us at info@BellyScarf.com

Q.  What is your Return Policy?
A.   Please refer to http://site.bellyscarf.com/Return_Policy.html

Q.  How Can I Trust your website and see your Past Customer Complaints and Satisfaction?
A.  BellyScarf has a “A” Grade with the “Better Business Bureau” which takes all complaints from the past and reports it on their website of any fraudulent or unsatisfied activity from previous customers, as we have mentioned we have surpassed all our customers satisfaction without any complaints and maintain an “A” Grade on the Better Business Bureau’s Website.  Currently even after processing thousands of orders and having been in business since 2004, we have 0 Complaints! That’s Customer Satisfaction!  You can go to Yelp and see our Customer Satisfaction at http://www.yelp.com/filtered_reviews/HpXhSXlVsT9wqJNDtHIp4Q/captcha

Q.  Is it Safe to give our my Credit Card Info on your website?  How do I know?
A.  BellyScarf uses “SSL Ecyrption” which has 100000’s of lines of codes for added protection just like the banks use to ensure Safety and Security.  We are PCI Compliant and do not even see your credit card information, except the last 4 digits, so know that your information is always Safe on our website.
Quick Tip:  The best way to tell that any Website is Safe is to make sure the website converts to “https:// “not http” on the Payment Page to ensure security.

Q.  Is there an additional charge for Delivery Confirmation or Tracking my Order?
A.  Nope!  BellyScarf believes this is a Complimentery Service that every customer should have the right to track every order, every time without paying a fee.