Pirate Scarves

 Pirate Scarves

Get a Skull Pirate Belly dancing Scarf exclusively from www.BellyScarf.com.  Pirate Scarves are fun to wear for parties and events.


Pirate Skull Scarves are here for Partying!


Events:     Great for Pirate Shows, Festivals, Gaspiralla Shows and Mardi Gras Events.

Size:        They are 5 Feet Wide (60 Inches) the rest you can tie around the hips

Wear:       People wear them on their Shoulders and Necks as necklaces or hips and dance away.

Coins:       158 coins that Jingle when you dance or shake it

Exclusive:  Only BellyScarf.com carries them with Limited Quantity, so Order one before they are Gone!